La Cittá Ideale

CITTAIDEALE is inspired by Federico, Duke of Montefeltro, who was not only a successful general and meacenas, but also an urban designer avant la lettre. He surrounded himself with a broad spectrum of scientists, artists, architects and craftsmen to develop the Ideal City, La Cittá Ideale, projected in Urbino, Italy.

My ideal city is based on this thought: bring together experts from many different origins and design collaboratively a sustainable future for the city. It is a city that bubbles of vitality, where people feel engaged and are engaged and involved in the creation of an inspiring environment. Where one makes good use of the creativity of people in finding creative solutions for urban and social problems: La CITTAIDEALE is also a creative city.

CITTAIDEALE is a small office to help you with developing sustainable plans for neighbourhoods, cities and landscapes. It specialises in sustainable urban plans, climate adaptive planning and design, food-landscapes and –strategies, and energy-landscapes. CITTAIDEALE is the developer of spatial concepts, such as Swarm Planning, Double Defence (the second row Barrier Islands in front of the Northern Dutch Coast), the Floodable Landscape, the Bushfire Resilient Landscape, the FoodRoofRio, the Zero-Fossil Region, the Fish-Water-Based NL and more. Further CITTAIDEALE offers the design, organisation and facilitation of design charrettes for an engaging design process for complex design problems. CITTAIDEALE offers inspiring lectures and interactive presentations how to improve sustainability of the way we live and has authored several books and numerous articles about these subjects.

The core values of CITTAIDEALE are transparency, colourfulness, emergence, balance and productivity.