Understanding is a renewable resource…

Knowledge is a valuable resource, but also a renewable one. Research about how to develop cities and landscapes in a resilient way is important because this informs how to design urban neighbourhoods, villages, cities and regions. CITTAIDEALE conducts research in the field of Research by Design, flexibility of spatial designs (Swarm Planning), Stakeholder involvement in the design process (Design Charrettes), Food Landscapes, Adaptivity of Spatial Planning and Smart Green Design. The results of this research are freely available for the public and is used in projects CITTAIDEALE is involved in. Recent publications of CITTAIDEALE are:

  • ‘Resourcing Local Communities for Climate Adaptive Designs in Victoria, Australia’ in the Chinese Journal of Population Resources and Management, ‘Towards Enhanced Resilience in City Design: A Proposition’ in Land, ‘Governance of Climate Adaptation in Australia: Design Charrettes as Creative Tool for Participatory Action Research’ in Action Research for Climate Change Adaptation: Developing and Applying Knowledge for Governance, Routledge, “Diamond Jubilee Lecture’, en ‘Swarm Planning for Climate Change: How Transformations can be Achieved’, both in: Geospatial Technologies and Climate Change, Springer,
  • ‘Framing Urban Agriculture: the Quest for New Design Concepts in the Proceedings ECLAS-conference, Landscape: A Place of Cultivation,
  • ‘Thank God, the City is Complex’ in the Proceedings Urban Regions Under Change: Towards Social-Ecological Resilience,
  • ‘Advanced use of the urban metabolism model in rapidly changing cities’ in .the Proceedings Energy Quest 2014,
  • ‘Visions of Resilience. Design-led Transformation for Climate Extremes’ (report) ‘Darwin in de Ruimtelijke Ordening’ (2 parts) in Groen