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CITTAIDEALE published books about sustainable design, climate adaptive planning, the design process and urban agriculture. These books give information about these actual subjects, but they are also food for thought. The books are rich illustrated and very visual to make the content easy accessible for everyone. The following books have been written and/or edited by CITTAIDEALE:

  • Why We Need Small Cows: Ways to design for Urban Agriculture. 2014
  • The Design Charrette: Ways to Envision Sustainable Futures. 2013
  • Swarm Planning: The development of a Methodology to Deal with Climate Adaptation. 2013
  • Swarming Landscapes: The Art of Designing for Climate Adaptation. 2012
  • Adaptation to Climate Change: A Spatial Challenge. 2009
  • Tegenhouden of meebewegen, Adaptatie aan klimaatverandering en de ruimte

Why We Need Small Cows

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The title of this book is: ”Why we need small cows”. At first, you might think this is a somewhat strange title. However, the subject of Urban Agriculture requires thinking at a different level than we’re used to in industrial agriculture. The recent ‘movement’ of Urban Agriculture aims to […]

Geospatial Technologies

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“Geospatial Technologies and Climate Change” is a scholarly compilation of seventeen chapters from researchers working on climate change related research in five countries of four continents. Geospatial technologies, synergetic applications of remote sensing and geographical information systems, offer versatile cross-scale tools to study climate change, the climate system’s changes […]

The Design Charrette

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This book was written to support community involvement in the design process, to help prevent negative outcomes that can result from a top-down design approach. The combination of community involvement and design is, at least in literature, not very extensive. Although much has been written about stakeholder involvement, this […]

Swarm Planning, A new Methodology to Deal wit Climate Adaptation

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This book shows that the problem of climate adaptation, which is described in social planning terms as ‘wicked,’ is at odds with the contemporary practice of spatial planning. The author proposes a new adjusted framework which is more adaptable to unpredictable, wicked, dynamic and non-linear processes. The inspiration for […]

Swarming Landscapes

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This book advocates a fresh approach to planning that anticipates, rather than reacts to, the changes in climate currently in process. Today’s spatial planning procedures rely on historical evidence instead of preparing for factors that by definition lie in the future, yet which are relatively uncontroversial: shortages of water, […]

Adaptation to Climate Change: A Spatial Challenge

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As it becomes clear that climate change is not easily within the boundaries of the 1990’s, society needs to be prepared and needs to anticipate future changes due to the uncertain changes in climate. So far, extensive research has been carried out on several issues including the coastal […]